“For many years, I have attentively seen the works of master luthier Jaroslav Kohout. His instruments are based on the greatest Italian models and achieved absolutely exceptional tonal qualities . I am very glad for chance to play Mr. Kohout´s instruments.”

Ivan Zenaty
Cleveland Institute of Music

“I know Mr. Jaroslav Kohout as an honest man and an excellent violin maker. We have been working together for several years now. He have been repairing and refitting instruments for my students from the music school Na Popelce – Prague 5. Whether it’s a school’s or a student’s instruments, his work has always been very precise and he always meet the deadline. He even renovates my students’ old violins at an affordable price.

With these experiences, I have been ordering violins for my records since 2011. I required not only strong color tone but also a detailed sophisticated design instrument with a specific warnish.

My important requirements were a shorter string and a specific neck shape. This instrument is based from the Stradivari model, which he used to participate at the International Violin Competition in Nachod. Currently, I’ve been using the instrument for three years now and I must say I am very satisfied. It sounds good to your ear as it carries the sound into the hall. People have been asking me who made them because they’re impressed with the charismatic looks and strong tone.”

Ladislav Cigler
Teacher of violin at the Music school in Prague
Director of String and Chamber Orchestra at Music school in Prague
Director and conductor of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, high school and the music school of the hl. m. Prahy

“Thanks again for an amazing instrument, it´s a great viola!

Jiří Kabát”
Viola, Vlach Quartet Prague